Contract types

Hoogervorst Marine Consultancy manage and/or carry out a large variety of projects. Our clients are looking for the best specialists in the Marine and Offshore industry; sometimes they will need them for a short period of time, other times it is for a longer period. This is why we offer different types of contracts.

Together we discuss your personal circumstances and your wishes. We also look into the best solution that suits us both and how this fits best into a contract.

At Hoogervorst Marine Consultancy we use a number of different types of employment contracts:

Project contract

An employment contract for the duration of a project.

Fixed-term contract

An employment contract that ends on a particular date. During this period you will be working on various projects for various clients.

Permanent contract

A permanent contract with Hoogervorst Marine Consultancy: you will be working on various projects for various clients.

Freelance contract/agreement

In some cases Hoogervorst Marine Consultancy acts as an intermediary between you as a freelancer and our clients. We draw up a contract in which agreements are clear to all parties.

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