At Hoogervorst Marine Consultancy we love our craft. The Marine and Offshore business has been our world for the past 25 years. Over the years we have prepared, managed and carried out a great number of projects. Each project has made us even more enthusiastic for the next one. The drive to achieve these results has given us a great satisfaction.

We now measure up to the best consultancy and realisation agencies in the Marine and Offshore industry. Many shipping, dredging and offshore companies have found a reliable partner in us. They continue to work with us. Steady achievement of results and a trusted collaboration give us a sense of gratification and make us proud.

We have been in continuous development. After all, the market is forever changing. Over the years we have further professionalised and expanded our services. An example of this recent change in our services is the inventory of hazardous substances on board sea faring ships (IHM). This is how we keep expanding and we hope to continue this for a very long time.