Hoogervorst Marine Consultancy is internationally active in matching the right people to projects on sea and dredging ships, in the offshore industry and shipyards. We are happy to provide you with expert and motivated employees. Whether there is a need for professionals in Engineering, Inspection, new build vessels, repairs and reconstruction or deploying specialised personnel for regular operations, at Hoogervorst Marine Consultancy, everything is possible.

Our vision on outsourcing:

  • Expertise. We see to it that you don't have to look for expertise yourself. We do that for you. Thanks to our worldwide specialist network you will quickly have the right people in the right place.
  • You want to keep control of business, but don't wish to do everything yourself. 'Good agreements make good friends'. This is why we like handling our outsourcing requests outsourcing in a clear and results-driven way.
  • Temporary personnel. You wish to outsource a project because you need an extra pair of hands or because you don't have certain expertise in-house. You can maximise the use of our specialists for the duration of the required period.
  • Experienced personnel. Our specialists have gained experience in various companies. Their knowledge is therefore very broad and this makes them suitable for many different purposes. Feel free to make an enquiry to the possibilities without obligation.
  • Sense of responsibility. We fully understand how important it is to have reliable and excellent staff. This is why we collaborate closely with you to resolve personnel issues.