About Hoogervorst Marine Consultancy

We are an international consultancy and implementation services agency operating in the Marine and Offshore. We are located in the Rotterdam port. Many years of experience and no-nonsense approach make us a reliable partner for many dredging companies, shipyards and petrochemical companies.

Our logo is the Sailfish. This choice should not come as a surprise! For us it symbolises the following:

  • Speed (this fish can swim up to 60 km an hour)
  • Flexibility (very agile) and
  • Teamwork (sailfish often hunt in schools)
  • Valuable (they can be found in all seas and are very valuable to their environment)
  • Exquisiteness (Beautiful fish)

Just like the sailfish, we are an exquisite company that offer our clients great flexibility and value by being reliable, flexible, capable and highly experienced in team work.

The best way of getting to know us is to contact us. Feel free to ask any questions as there is a lot to discuss when it comes to our services. Our company navigates the ever changing tides in the market as we continuously create new opportunities for our clients. Please feel free to contact us.